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Social Responsibility
Impression Of Zhanchen
Social Responsibility

Public Benefit Activities

The logo of Zhanchen Group is similar to the sun. This symbolizes positive energy of the sun on the one hand and also stands for the pursuit of a sunshine enterprise.

“Bring sunlight to you, may it shine bright around you”, this is our commitment to the society. Zhanchen focuses on developing applications on environmental and civil coating. We are actively taking social responsibility and willing to repay society by actions. Under the integrated leading corporate cultural value, the Group and the branches actively participate in all kinds of public benefit activities. Zhanchen people spare no effort not only in establishing education fund and raising money for schooling, but also in enhancing public morality like respecting the old, and being qualified corporate civilians.

Donation for Schooling

Education is the base of development. Zhanchen regards nurturing education as core of our social responsibility, which contains all phases from elementary education to higher education, including various types of donation, such as education grants, school construction, and scholarship.

Our monetary contribution has surpasses 10 million yuan since 2001:
-Established Jiyang Changshi Fund
-Established Sunshine Student Endowment
-Established Guangming Charity Society Poverty Alleviation and Education Grants
-Donated education grants for Derenwu primary school
-Sponsored Xiaohuangmao activity of Derenwu primary school
-Decorated Jiyang Taiping primary school
-Donated education grants for impoverished students in Yunnan province
-Endowed Dongyuan Luohuxiaou primary school
-Endowed government education foundation office of Xiaojia county
-Sponsored Guangming middle school
-Endowed Qiwen Wenmingpu Town Xiajiang primary school
-Expanded Qiyang Xiaojiacun Town Taiping Center primary school
-Donated impoverished students annually

Volunteer Activities

Not only does Zhanchen regards employees as the most precious property, but also treats them as partners in repaying the society, encouraging and supporting employees to participate in volunteer activities like blood donation, community service, environment protection promotion and helping the old.

-Raised Shanghai Fuchen charity fund
-Organized blood donation among employees
-Helping poor families in Guangming
-Donated exercise equipment to nursing home in Baihua community
-Raising money for lonely elderly people

Other Social Benefit Activities:

Earthquake disaster relief/International disaster rescue
In recent years, natural disasters happened frequently in China and other areas of the world. In accordance with our national spirit “When disasters struck, help come from all sides”, we actively participated in disaster rescue programs and post-disaster reconstruction.
-2010 Yushu earthquake disaster relief
-Donation for “SARS” prevention and cure
-Donation for Ten Popular Projects in Baoan
-Donation for Indian Ocean Tsunami

Impression Of Zhanchen
Profile of The Group
Company Culture
Developing Milestone
Manufacture Bases
Social Responsibility
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